August 14, 2009

Because 10 extra steps would be too many

This just baffles me. Yes it WAS slightly rainy, but you'll note the blue sky appearing. And you'll note the available ACTUAL spaces RIGHT beside these (where the red car is). Who do you think you are? What is the rationale here? Oh, its on the side, no one will see me? It's just for 10 minutes? I'm made of sugar and will melt? They might run out of groceries if I walk 15 seconds longer?

Not only is this arrogant and annoying, its dangerous. That right turn is hard to see around on a good day. This forces cars to stop at the stop sign (you know, for those that do follow rules) IN the oncoming traffic lane.

I was especially amused when I left, 25 minutes later...the minivan was gone, but the owner of the white car, who couldn't have been more than 40 and trim-looking, was returning. She also left her cart in the middle of the sidewalk, no less than 5 feet from the cart return.

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