December 30, 2012

Pin It Best of 2012

With Twitter and Pinterest taking over YJDKIY internet time in 2012, there wasn't a lot of time for blogging....mainly because it takes too many words. In case you missed out on the fun, this year I've pinned nearly 2500 images on 42 boards, and amassed well over 300 followers (except for that one board with over 41,600 followers...see below).

It helped me organize recipes and keep track of things I cooked. Gave holiday crafty inspiration and kept a running wish list for home decor. I filed away useful household tips, won a vacation (check out the mention on Mashable here), collected things in Tangerine Tango, filled up a read and to-read bookshelf, and documented my infinite search for the perfect hair style. Pinterest let me laugh a little, reflect, and dream of fancy life and far away places. There are gift ideas and unattainable wants, planning and ideas, stuff I love, and even stuff I don't know what to do with!

I wouldn't say I was pin-happy or even an over-pinner, but choosing the best of the best was quite an exhausting year end task. Here they are in no particular order, my most useful pins of the year:

It seriously works:

Makes your house smell yummy

When pestilence strikes

The #JetsetterCurator winning announcement tweet

And the one that secured my free trip!
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Style inspiration

Celebration treats we actually made

Useful for weaning off coffee
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Recipes worth repeating
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Mexican pins wins again

Easy crafty fun I could actually do

and these

On the theme of easy...a pop of pattern for the kitchen

Made one of these for neighbors

And saved cans all summer to make these lights.

But my first Pinterest craft of 2012 was this in red and heart shaped!

Stay tuned for the top tweets of the year coming tomorrow!


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