August 17, 2012

Celebration Station

This week gets cut short for a 60th Birthday Party! Fun times ahead!

S: Nature Burger Wraps
M: Veggie Pesto Pizza
T: Salad with Teriyaki Pan-Grilled Chicken Tenders
W: Spinach-Tofu Lasagna
R: leftovers

August 10, 2012

The Weekly

S - Three Bean Enchiladas, Broccoli
M - Zucchini Tuna Fritters, Beets
T - Eggplant & Artichoke Panini, Greens
W - Salads with Gardein
R - Chicken Salad Wraps
F - on your own
S - TBA!

August 4, 2012

what are we eating?

what we are eating!

S: Mediterranean Chicken Pasta Salad (ps: best blog name ever!)
S: Squash Casserole, bok choy, TJs Baked Cod
M: Tofu with Spinach & Chickpeas
T: Black Bean Cakes Over Romaine
W: Vegetarian White Lasagna
R: Shrimp & Veggies with Qunioa/Cous Cous
F: Tofu Parmesan, Side Salad


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