January 30, 2010

You might live in the South if...

Your neighbor goes skiing by on a plowed road.

Let the games begin!

Cooped up inside and need a little entertainment!? YJDKIY brings you exclusive entertainment in the form of a contest!!

Below you will see 13 packaged food items found in my kitchen. Based on the ingredients list, can you guess what YJDKIY is eating? (sorry for the sucky photos, iPhone does NOT do macro!)

Answers must be submitted by Saturday, February 6, as comments to the post, and all at once. If you don't know one, guess or leave it blank.

The entry with the most correct answers wins, with one bonus point given where the specific brand is guessed (i.e. Heinz Ketchup). Prize is a YJDKIY meal of your choosing!

Fantastic Falafel

Quick Friday night Fantastic Food Falafel fare for dinner. Served with homemade dipping sauce, a concoction of: 2% Fage (for some reason I always use Fage for this instead of Oikos, no idea why), super fine chopped sweet onion and cucumber, fresh garlic, lemon juice, lots o dill and a little salt and pepper.

Cucs and carrots for some veggie content, over Uncle Ben's Express Basmati rice (amazingly not THAT bad for you) since I didn't have any pitas and the grocery stores are insane right now!

January 28, 2010

Let me get this straight....

YJDKIY takes this kind of personal based on having just watched Food, Inc., and the geographical proximity to moi.

Monsanto joins research campus | Salisbury, NC - Salisbury Post

The N.C. Research Campus will land its highest profile tenant to date when global agriculture giant Monsanto Company, maker of Roundup, joins the biotechnology campus today.

In Kannapolis, Monsanto will "accelerate development of flavorful, nutritious food" and collaborate to develop "new and improved plant varieties," the company said.


NCRC home page purpose statement:

The NCRC is a one stop destination for excellence in science and wellness, both in the laboratory and beyond.


So, the pesticide company is working on flavorful, nutritious food? Innnnnteresting. And they want to "improve" and create new plant varieties. Greeeaaaat. And they're going to tell me what junk er, nutrients I need *added* to my food. Fantaaaastic. I'm sorry, hasn't the ecosystem been around a longer than Monsanto? Didn't it function just fine until we got in the way?

And NCRC, wellness, huh?

Perhaps this is so revolting after my morning listen of late and what Gary has to say. This article (scroll down to Efficiency Isn't if you are impatient!) is basically a transcript from the book related to Monsanto and the modern agribusiness of genetically modified organisms.

Chiggers on a Stick

From Wikipedia:
Ants on a log
is a children's snack made by spreading peanut butter on celery and "artfully arranging" raisins on top. Variations include:
  • Ants on a Slip 'n Slide - A layer of honey over the peanut butter.
  • Aphids on a log - Sunflower seeds
  • Ants on vacation - Without "ants," or no raisins
  • Ants on a snowy log - cream cheese instead of PB
But, the ingenious mind behind YJDKIY brings you, for the first time ever....

Chiggers on a Stick!

Do you know what chiggers are? OK, so that's kind of gross, but it was either that or fire ants for dried cranberries!

January 27, 2010

Polenta in Pictures



(even this didn't help the liquid problem, its the vegetables, they need to be precooked!)

(you do know, NO donates all profits to charity, right?)

(before, again)

(after, again)

In case you're curious, I puffy heart the Dior: The New Look exhibition that was at the Chicago History Museum a couple years ago. And this book only costed me about $9.

Virtue is insufficient temptation

-George Bernard Shaw

YJDKIY's love affair with Stoneyfield Farm continues. I've blogged about their Oikos a lot. Their CE-Yo, Gary Hirshberg, was featured Food, Inc. And now, with the ease of the Rowan Public Library (my other new love) online catalog and personal PIN, I was able to reserve the audiobook, Stirring it Up: How to Make Money and Save the World, he penned in 2008, pick it up the same evening, and begin listening this morning.

How we make our yogurt from Stonyfield on Vimeo.

The introduction included the quote above, in reference to the "trend" of things going green not because it was morally right, but because the bottom $ line is what drives behavior. I can't wait for the other 5 hours of his business is power meets sustainable is profitable lessons.

January 25, 2010

Eagle Cow Cow Cat

YJDKIY has been extra stiff lately, and spent some weekend time researching yoga stretches that work for me. By this I mean, not a $12/session class during the middle of the day that I can't go to anyway or super strict poses that focus on meditation. Maybe it's yoga for the new decade.

At any rate, I came up with a great set of poses from yogajournal.com (LOVE the sequence builder). And found this handy guide from WebMD and MSN that lets you choose private office or cubicle and which part of your body to work with (worth clicking!)!

Fire Log Pose

Yes, you CAN sit like this at your desk.
Bharadvajasana I
Bharadvaja's Twist

Use the back of the chair to twist
Eagle Pose

Just do the arms, both directions, unless you have a private office and aren't expecting guests
Cow Face Pose

ditto with the arms
Cow Pose

seated up right with hands on thighs, alternate with cat
Cat Pose

ditto, with cow
Gate Pose

steated, kick your leg out to the side of the chair and do the arm stretch
Chair Pose

Make your body mimic the pose seated in an actual chair, stretch up high
Yoga Journal Sequence Builder, Patent pending

And, found two great iPhone Apps for only $.99 each! Yoga RELAX and Yoga STRETCH are great and give enough flexibility to customize without being expensive. And best of all, I can take it anywhere.

DISCLAIMER: YJDKIY is by no means qualified to tell you how to do yoga or how to behave at your office, so just take that as a note of caution. This is just what *I* do folks.

January 21, 2010

Best Fix Ever

So, I love my 32 oz blue Nalgene bottle. Love the color and love that when it's empty I know I am halfway through with my water goal for the day. But after nearly choking to death at least twice and spilling on my face/shirt more times than I care to count, I almost gave it up.

But wait my dear little water bottle, there IS a solution. A $2.95 solution that has prevented me from either of previously stated catastrophes AND makes me smile. Found locally at REI (or in a variety of designs online), the Guyot Designs Splashguard is mandatory for wide-mouth Nalgene owners. Pick up one or 14 and you won't regret it!

DID YOU KNOW: Harvey Ball designed the first Smiley face, while working at State Mutual Life Assurance Company as a freelance artist. However, the first smiley face recorded on film can be seen being drawn in Ingmar Bergman's film "Hamnstad", released in 1948. The film is a drama about a depressed and suicidal young woman named Berit, in one scene she draws an unhappy face on the bathroom mirror using her lipstick. Thanks, Wikipedia!

January 20, 2010

The Year of the Jewel

YJDKIY has been a little food heavy (no pun intended, y'all behave!) lately, and while that is the majority of the blog, it's by no means the focus. With no snarky news comments or book/product reviews to share, I've resorted to blog toys (and speaking of, checkout Etsy Covets updated for Valentines!).

Girly Girl Things

YJDKIY is into the accessory for 2010, and the girlier the better!

January 19, 2010

12 (+1) Step Program

YJDKIY usually doesn't post or link recipes until after I've cooked them, but in absence of a YJDKIY meal tonight (boring twice baked tofu potatoes that you've already seen, but the salad might appear if it's looks good!) another (familial) guest cook recommends the following. Check back in February to see if this made the menu list!

YJDKIY note: food looks MUCH better with non-iPhoned real cameras. How long before the blog caves on that?

Cauliflower and Edamame in Red Simmer Sauce

1. Chop one small onion and mince 3 cloves of garlic

2. Sauté in olive oil until golden brown

3. Add ½ to ¾ cups of diced carrots

4. Sauté about 3 minutes

5. Add about 2 cups of small cauliflower pieces

6. Sauté about 5 to 8 minutes

7. Add about ½ cup water

8. Add salt, pepper, cumin, turmeric, curry, cinnamon to taste

9. Add ½ teaspoon agave

10. Simmer and stir 5 minutes

11. Stir in ½ cup edamame and simmer about 10 minutes

12. Use Seeds of Change Madras Simmer Red Sauce (not really hot even though it says hot) about ½ cup or more depending on taste and amounts
Stir in ¼ cup of raisins

Top with coconut and raw pumpkin seeds served over brown rice with yoghurt and pineapple on the side. Yummy with steamed kale.

January 18, 2010

Ps & Qs

Well, peas and carrots! Does that count?

Boiled 1/2 c. water (too much, had to drain off at end!), a bag of frozen BEPs, about 1/2 a large sweet yellow onion diced, and 1/2 a green pepper diced for about 20 mins. Add whatever spices, YJDKIY used thyme, oregano, garlic powder, cumin and Adobo salt.

Drain excess water and mash it all up, potato style (another favorite kitchen utensil!). Add 1/4 c.egg beater or so, and some Panko (aka パン粉 maybe 1/2 c.?) and mix up. Form into patties and heat large Pam'd skillet. Cook 3-5 minutes on each side until brown.

Steam asparagus until just tender, crunchier the better and add a little unsalted butter and lemon juice.

(please note wall color, somewhere between asparagus and avocado and artichoke!)

Served with carrots and ketchup-Texas Pete-agave-pepper-garlic-cumin sauce. I didn't realize until after my was clean if I had rotated the asparagus a bit to left and the carrots were a little centered, my dinner would have been staring back at me!

Did you know 1 c. of BEPs has only 160 calories, but 5.2 g of protein, 8.2 g of fiber, and are an excellent source of Calcium, Folate and Vitamin A?


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