August 30, 2009

Job opening

Apparently Salisbury based Food Lion doesn't carry Oikos, so YJDKIY opted for the alternative. Chobani. Not a wise choice as I found the consistency chalky and watery and the 6 oz cup was not at all filling. The pomegranate flavor was ok, but a little on the too-sweet-jam-like side for my morning preference.The purchase wasn't a total loss, however. As it provided one of my favorite things, discovering a copy editing mistake on a national item/brand. iPhone's closeup ability is sorely lacking, so you can't really ready this:
So, I will translate it for you.
Enjoy our 0% authentic Greek strained yogurt....

Is it just me or does anyone else see a problem there? If it's truly 0% authentic, then the front of the package that says Greek is wrong. If the word fat is missing, they need to hire a copy editor/proofer ASAP. Poor marketing department. Surely someone else has pointed this out?

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