August 21, 2009

Where is Doogie?

YJDKIY doesn't even have cable, and yet, I love this! The 100 Most Iconic TV Show Intros of All Time courtesy of Super Tremendous (some other great, time wasting lists to be found there, also. For example The 10 Funniest Moments In Jeopardy History and 15 Supposedly Real Alien Photos). Forgive the slow loading 10 pages of video and scroll through the theme songs you know all the words too, still. This list however, is missing a few exceptions:

Mad Men (why won't they let me embed this!?)

This one might win.

Ok, enough of those. Anyway, there aren't a lot of current shows with intro songs, like actual jingley stick in your head songs. Why is this? I blame Survivor.

It's also super cool that every one I looked for on YouTube was there!

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