September 26, 2009

Save the best (line) for last

This story is a few days old, but worth repeating, especially since it is NC homegrown.

Man's lung ailment caused by fragment of fast food spoon

  • North Carolina resident had two years of coughing, vomiting, pain
  • Doctor peered in with an endoscope and spotted bit of spoon
  • Man assumes fragment was in something he ate or drank
However, it's not until the very last part of the CNN article, does it really bring the laughs. For your lazy clickers, I'll paste.

"He explained that there was an object down there, and it had writing on it," Manley said. "It spelled out 'Wendy's' on one side and 'hamburgers' on the other, and I was a little floored."

So were his relatives, who, when they were telephoned with the news, were eating ... Wendy's.

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