October 24, 2009

Dinner Disaster!

Just in case you thought I always make yummy dinner, this post is here to prove otherwise. Frankly, I'm a little afraid to take to the kitchen after the disaster that was this dinner. It started Thursday night when I TRIED to get ahead by chopping the pumpkin.
Who knew it was so impossible to cut into a pie pumpkin. After breaking a sweat and nearly cutting off my arm, I gave up and went in search of a butternut squash. Three grocery stores later, I returned and did chop said squash.

Friday, I began this recipe from messycook. I dumped everything in the pot including the Guiness and Chipotle peppers.

Note to YJDKIY: Taste peppers before adding en masse to chili. By no circumstances is it safe to just dump 6 in the pot!

Meanwhile, we're bubbling along fine, smelling like a tasty Mexican meal. And then BLAMO! I decide to taste this concoction.

911 Emergency! I couldn't even swallow. I immediately fished out the offending chipotles but with no real hope of saving this pot o spicy goodness. My last resort was to drain all the liquid (quite a mess) and save the chunkies. (The compost pile might be on fire out there, I couldn't rightly say!). Granted I don't have a huge tolerance of spicy, but a quick taste deemed it impossible to eat!

So I started to clean up, and announce the runner up, in case dinner #1 couldn't fulfill her duties as Ms. American. That's when I noticed something funny.
See those two lighter color strips on the copper part of the pot? That look like they have been polished instead of how the rest of my dishwashered copper pot looks? Yeah, that's not a reflection. That is where the chili that I threw out dripped down the pot. It was so hot it cleaned my pot. Unexpected bonus?

Since Mexican failed me, Asian was in the works.

(sorry for the crappy picture quality, YJDKIY was kinda cranky at this point)

A few chops and woks later, I rummaged up some frozen shrimp and the stoplight peppers from the grocery bill, and got this!

YJDKIY diners actually ended up liking the chili concoction, but they eat everything and can't be trusted. The pot says it all, in my opinion!

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