October 26, 2009

Thumbs Up x2

First, CNN has a new web design and I absolutely love it. And I love the splash intro to the new site with the curtains the first time you go there. You can read more about their relaunch here.

Second, YJDKIY crossed an item off this list. Yay for Zada Jane's Corner Cafe. I can't link you to their website, as GoDaddy tells me it has expired. However, I will link you to a Flickr search of the Charlotte restaurant, and their Google page with photos and a review. It met expectations for a late lunch, at which the Gobbler and the Booker T. were sampled. More than just sampled, devoured actually, before a photo could even be taken.

I highly recommend the sweet potato browns and for a real treat, add the on-table appley jam goodness.

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