November 24, 2009

All I Want For...Black Friday Week Edition

For that hard-to-buy-has-everything person on your list, you can shop right from your living room couch, no need to join the mad rush. YJDKIY offers these suggestions of gifts....that under no circumstances are you allowed to give.*

  1. ZeroSmoke - bio-magnets which you wear on your upper ear
  2. The Snac Daddy - the innovative tray specially designed to hold chicken wings and hide the leftover bones
  3. MegaVent - stop snoring now
  4. Back Yard Brawling Babes - like you've never seen before

  1. Pancake Puffs - on sale now!
  2. Wizzit - attracts hair like a magnet
  3. Faucet Light - Have the coolest faucet in the neighborhood!
  4. Petbrella - installs in just minutes

  1. Supreme Moo Mixer - mix and drink in one place!
  2. Poop Freeze - Poop Happens and when it does there’s POOP FREEZE, the first freeze-spray aerosol made for animal waste pick-up.
  3. Potty Patch - Now your pet can go when he wants!
  4. Oribitor Electronic Listening Device - Parabolic sound collecting switch

  1. Mad Cow - This infectious, crazy cow is udderly nuts!
  2. Grater Plater - The natural flavors and juices stay right in the plate.
  3. Klassy Kovers -The 15-second patio makeover
  4. Roll-Up Electric Piano - small to fit in a pouch

  1. Corvette Dollar - the first non-circulating legal tender car coin with working headlights
  2. Drink Better - Drink Better Bowls design also decreases muzzle staining and keeps ears dry.
  3. Dino Fossil Preparation Kit - prepare your very own authentic fossils
  4. Fanny Bank - Drop some loot, and hear me toot

  1. Bionic Minnow - made of space-age dura-foam
  2. Burp Balls - extra ammo when you need it most
  3. Chameleon Candle - The Chameleon Candles´s gentle glow of color changing light will transport you to a calm and tranquil place.
  4. The Chillow - Pillows are like a desert: HOT! The Chillow is like an oasis for your face.

*There are a few exceptions, can you guess which? That said, I strongly suggest selecting from the Etsy list on the right (hint!).

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