November 7, 2009

How many things are wrong with this picture?

1.Frosted Strawberry Mini-Wheats, are on eye level
2. Frosted Strawberry Mini-Wheats, whose second ingredient is sugar, third ingredient contains sugar and corn syrup and partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil has the green healthy FIBER label ABOVE the product name
3. The crap cereal at eye level costs twice as much as the plain old cereal on the top
4. The plain old cereal is on the top
5. There is only one box of the plain old cereal at the back of the shelf and short people are forced to ask for assistance to fetch it
6. Special K has a $10 off JEANS, jeans people, promotion
7. YJDKIY didn't know that the second ingredient in the plain old cereal that I thought was a good replacement for my store brand wheat crunchies that I can't find anymore that ARE good for you and the secret ingredient in my yummy oikos favorite, is ALSO sugar. Man I hate the cereal industry.
8. There's an impulse toothbrush purchase marketed next to these sugarmonger foods!

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