December 15, 2009

Small Town Fun

I love reading small town newspapers. You just never know what you'll find! Feel free to submit your own! {note that this post will be updated as future amusements present themselves}

  • Authorities believe a dispute between neighbors in Kannapolis has resulted in a family's well being contaminated. The Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident at the Billy Odell Payne home, 355 Tree Limb Lane, off Gold Fish Road. Payne noticed a change in his well water, both in color and taste. The workers found a petroleum product which appeared to be burnt motor oil in the well.
  • According to the report, someone drilled holes into Fink's home, set a piece of paper on fire, and pushed it through the wall.
  • Jerry Ballard Greer, also known as Frog, 21, of 377 Len Moretz Road, Boone, was served with a warrant for arrest on a charge of communicating threats out of Ashe County. He is scheduled to appear in district court in Jefferson on Dec. 4 in lieu of a written promise bond.
  • Lowery, identified as the bride's mother, reported the theft included 20 pounds of shrimp, 45 chicken breasts, a tray of green beans, a tray of rice pilaf, a tray of squash medley, a tray of cheese crackers and a gallon of tea. Police Chief Mark Wilhelm, who was working security at the wedding event, estimated there were 125 to 150 guests. Wilhelm and another officer who were working security at the event left around 10 p.m. when the event ended. According to the police report, a caterer from a Winston-Salem company said he saw two guys with blue coats carrying off the food.
  • The idea of wrapping a diaper around the town’s water tower was dumped by the Weldon Board of Commissioners Tuesday.The diaper idea was part of a plan by Kimberly-Clark for a Huggies Diaper commercial. Huggies representatives approached Weldon Public Works Director Donald Crowder about the project, in which they would put a diaper on the water tower near Halifax Community College and film it briefly before taking it down.
  • A Hug [sic] Tinder Box, by Louise Hoffman Broach
    “They think it started in the fireplace, it was somewhat obvious,” he said. “It was a 100-year-old house at least; there was a lot of old wood, and I was still fixing it up and put more wood inside. It was a huge tinder box.”
  • The county commissioners were flirting with disaster Monday morning but decided to stay a bachelor for the moment.

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