March 18, 2010

Lucky Day

Yesterday was it in the mail dept! It was a good day for deliveries on the avenue. YJDKIY loves driving up to see not one, but TWO boxes on the porch.

First I dug into my prize from Good Health Natural Products: A variety case of olive oil and avocado oil potato chips...just in time for March Madness to begin! YJDKIY stumbled into a $5 (unknown until checkout time!) bag of the Rosemary ones at Big Lots, loved them, did a little internet sleuthing and found they were located only a few miles away in Greensboro, NC, "fanned" them on Facebook, and then, low and behold WON a contest the same day, resulting in 12 bags of not so good for you snacks, but holy good! Even the canine component couldn't resist following her sniffer into the bag.

Food Contest Warning:  Be especially careful to not get so excited about your loot that you immediately open a bag of these garlic goodies, only to eat more than a serving and spoil your dinner. And certainly don't let the other person in the house ALSO do that.

My second package was from Amazon and of the paid variety. Since I think Luna must be discontinuing my FAVORITE flavor and I can't find it anywhere, I ordered a carton online. So there! Also, I knew I wanted to own my very own copy of Michael Pollan's Food Rules, and lucky me, it was only $5. And finally, in an attempt to both get free shipping AND practice my eating local lessons from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (can't wait to review that this weekend!), a Burpee Seed Sprouter. I know I can just use a jar, but this will fit perfect in the widow seal and hopefully inspire me to be diligent enough to wash twice daily. I almost never buy sprouts in the store, but I do love them, so here we go! Are sprouts considered grains, vegetables? I don't think they are fruit. It came with some mung bean and broccoli seeds, which I will practice on, but I really hope Lowes or somewhere carries some organic seeds and I don't have to order those too!

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