April 4, 2010

Simple Moose



In college I had a friend that, bless his heart, referred to North Carolina as the "buckle on the Bible belt". Knowing this to be mostly accurate, YJDKIY was a little nervous about grocery shopping on Easter Sunday. Would they be open? Would everything fresh be picked over? Would the cashiers be sparse and cranky for having to work on a (85 degrees and sunny) holiday? Would I be judged for grocery shopping on such a holiday?

Folks, I'd like to report that today was the best grocery shopping experience of my life. There were MAYBE 5 other shoppers in the store. There was plenty of produce, the fish counter was well stocked, there were no rude aisle blockers preventing my leisurely browsing, there were three clerks waiting for me to choose their lane, and two people bagged my groceries.


I checked out a couple of cookbooks from the library on a whim. This really goes against my style, as I like to have recipes for future reference, and it's not like you can cook that many before they are due or mark them. I usually buy or internet recipes. But, we'll see if YJDKIY can work it. I LOVE the design of the Simply Organic one.

Oops, you're just going to have to take my word for it.


I'm moving to weekly meal planning. So, as collected from above...

SUNDAY:  Asparagus with salmon cakes (p. 266 Moosewood) and lemon-poppy seed muffinettes (YJDKIY vocabulary special!)

MONDAY: Zesty Zucchini Quesadillas (p. 113 SO)

TUESDAY: Nature Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

WEDNESDAY: Tabouli salad with grilled shrimp and kale (p. 232 Moosewood)

THURSDAY: Leftovers/eat out

FRIDAY: Cabbage & Noodles (p.250 Moosewood) and grilled tofu sausage, applesauce cookies (p. 153 SO)

SATURDAY: Other cooker in charge!

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