June 13, 2010

Charlotte Tastetacular

YJDKIY waited as late as possible to allow things to cool off...95 in the middle of the city + thousands of people = not a happy crowd situation. But, we headed out for (our third) Taste of Charlotte about 6:30. The weather had cooled off a little by the time we arrived, but the crowd was at epic traffic jam proportions (nothing makes you hungry like the smell of sweaty people?!). Note, these are NOT fancy camera photos, I love my iPhone Flickr app for just this purpose.

Ginormous fan! (ahaha, pun accidental, get it?!)

We started off with some Sea Bass (I know, I know, eco worst) from Cafe Sienna (I feel compelled to note that we split almost all of these taste size treats, so even though it looks like a lot of food, they were all tiny and shared).

Next was a Buffalo Chicken Slider (YJDKIY didn't taste this one at all!) from The Pizza Peel & Taproom

Then a Chicken Spiedie Wrap from Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

Free Honey Moon and Blue Moon (Southern girls glisten, they don't sweat, riiiight!?)

My favorite was next, we got an Avocado Chill and a Crispo-Frigo from Blynk  (all organic and on my list!) The sandwich was extra yummy with fresh mozza, red peppers, basil and olive oil and extra filling. (I probably could have stopped here.)

But, there was free Fage with honey and we scored two free coins listening to bad karaoke (don't worry Oikos, I still love you more, Fage is too chalky/milky!)

And THEN, free PeanutButter ChoclateHaagen Dazs (please excuse the icky blood blister on my finger from 2 weeks ago! Also, I totally didn't enjoy this, after my froyo fixation, ice cream is just too heavy and too sweet and too guilty)

Which did not go well with Chana Masala with Vegetable Pullav from Woodlands Indian Cuisine (all vege!), but it was very tastey (and spicy) on its own.

At this point YJDKIY was a swimmy melted mess, and finished with some tangy-sweet Lindy's Lemonade Italian Ice. At first I was confused about the fact this was coming out of a box/package just like at the grocery store, but upon researching for the blog, YJDKIY was extra excited to discover this company is based in Charlotte! This might be the new summer alternative to Food Lion FroYo!

Luckily we made a round trip of about 2.25 miles walking, so the janunt back to our super stealthy free parking was nice to digest all the tasties.

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  1. loved this post...you look great!



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