June 19, 2010

Essalmost a Bagel

Farmer's Market Loot
NC Sweet Potatoes = $2
Correll Farms green pepper, yellow squash, tomatoes = $4.15
Eagle Farms green beans, Georgia cantaloupe = $5.30
SC Peaches, China Grove Silver King corn = $2
Splurge of the week: Salisbury made Everything Bagels = $5

This is the only place YJDKIY has found to get bagels in this town! Bakettes, is a family owned & fully-inspected home-based bakery right here. I love that they are local and I could even taste the lack of extra sugar/corn syrup that is in store bagels immediately. Topped with a little schmear of light cream cheese...

And, for those of you who don't get my title, these reminded me of the most yummiest bagel I've ever had: Ess-a-bagel in Manhattan!

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