June 4, 2010

Facebook Muahaha!

Stonyfield Farm Food Science for $800, Alex! "This treat made by Stonyfield has over 5 billion live Lactobacillus bacteria in it." What is 'YOGURT'? We've been part of some cool things, but a Jeopardy question ranks right up there! Thanks to YJDKIY for sharing the news this week. (photo from Jeopardy.com)

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I've said it before, I'll say it again....Stonyfield, oh how I love thee.  (Yes, I changed my name in the blog post, the FB had my real name. Yes I know anyone with a lick of sense can figure out my name from this blog/fb post. Yes its just funner that way).


  1. ohh thats cool, did you submit the question to Jeopardy or did you inform Stoneyfield that the question was on Jeopardy? I'm confused. Cool that you got props :-)

  2. I just saw the clue on Jeopardy and posted that on Stonyfield's FB page! I don't think Jeopardy accepts viewer submissions. :P



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