June 29, 2010

Gar-licking Good!

I acquired some garlic scapes recently and, it's been a while since Oikos got any YJDKIYlovin so I thought I'd combine the two into a healthy mashed potato recipe!

Garlic scapes (from a CSA!) sliced up (kind of like asparagus, stop at the tough bottom part) and sauted in EVOO.

Boiled red potatoes (from a local produce stand!)

Mixed up and mashed with about 2T of plain Stonyfield greek yogurt (I also added a tiny bit of soy milk and an itty pinch of kosher salt). No butter, no mayo, plus extra protein, v&m and probiotics!

YUM...vegetable plate (man I miss kale!). Fresh beets with balsamic and rosemary, BEPs with onion, taters, and stuffed zuchs that accidently ended up tasting like crab cakes (I think it was the breadcrumbs!).

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