June 3, 2010

Local Not Working Out As Planned

So, with the over-achieving basils producing more leaves than YJDKIY can keep up with, I was given a microwave drying tip.

Place single layer of leaves between papertowels and microwave until crispy. Before:


I crumbled them up to resemble the jar kind, however, it more looks like something I might get arrested for! Maybe I should label the bag...THIS IS BASIL.

This plan isn't working out so well though. The first time, one of the leaves caught on fire and the microwave made weird noises. I was told to not wash them before, but with my hinkiness about bugs and pollen, I just couldn't resist. So the next time, I picked them after a full sunny day after an evening of rain. They were still chewy even after almost catching on fire.  The bag of crushed basil smells like damp grass, not tasty freshly dried basil. Alas, I think I am going to have to result to the more high maintenance freezing option. Feel free to mail me pine nuts so I can just make pesto ice cubes already! This town doesn't carry them. :P


  1. Don't know why it isn't cooperating....mine works perfect. Use another paper towel on top... no one here has pine nuts right now either

  2. I do put another paper towel on top...it just holds more moisture in and they leaves get chewy/rubbery. Maybe I'm just gunshy about doing it too long and catching on fire again!

  3. You can air dry them on the front dash of your car parked in the sun. Lay them seperated on a piece of tinfoil under the windshield and come back to a nice smelling car and crispy dried herbs.



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