July 23, 2010


Y'all it's hot down here. YJDKIY made this pasta salad at like 8:30 am (mainly so it could marinate all day) because I didn't want to turn on the stove tonight.

Started off steaming some diced red pepper and zuchinni. I just can't do those raw and I don't know why.

Red onion is my favorite of all the onion.

This was supposed to be of the Mediterranean variety, but I kept adding more veggies. When I went to pick the basil, at approximately 8:42 AM the neighbor's thermometer said 92, and it's kinda shaded!

Basil chiffonade...sort of.

For the seasoning, some olive oil, balsamic, the basil, oregano, thyme, garlic salt, pepper and a pinch of brown sugar.

The garlic looked so lonely over there, the bowl was asking: "Please can the garlic come out and play?" How could YJDKIY not make something savory without putting garlic in it I ask you?

All mixed together and no room for the pasta. I recommend cooking your pasta last, despite this container dilemma as you will end up having more veggies and less pasta which is a good thing.

Trying to resurrect the greek thing, I skipped the olives and tomatoes, but did include some feta.

Transferred to a more size appropriate container for chilling.

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