July 22, 2010

Red Carpet Review - Summer Movie Premieres Edition

YJDKIY hasn't had a fashion fix in a while, so I scrounged up some red carpet photos from the premieres of a few summer movies, including Salt, Knight & Day, and Inception.

Ellen Page looks cute in this green dress but the clunky black shoes do not work in any way shape or form. She's also under 30 and needs a lot less eye makeup. C+

Leo is always simple, clean, elegant, Hollywood. A

And then Nicholas Cage...who is the exact opposite of that. D

I think this is Kristen Cavallari, but I don't know who that is. I love her shoes and the color of the dress, but the cut looks like JLo's jungle dress from the 2000 Emmys got in a fight with Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket. F

Brad and Angelina are also classic, simple, elegant and Hollywood. Thank goodness he got rid of that nasty beard! I love her shoe choice even if the dress is a little short... A (A+ if he'd just button that shirt!)

I LOVE the color of this dress and the shoe combination on Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe!). She would be an A if the hair was a little more...glamorous! B+

Holy fabric draping class batman. This is just a disaster on such a pretty Cameron Diaz. Her hair is nice though! D

Hmm, Tom and Katie could look worse, but they could look better too. He can't work the unbutton and that is the most unflattering dress length/cut and shoe choice on long(ish) legs I have ever seen. C-

Liev and Naomi...I really want to like this. I love the silvery blueish colors. But the dress fabric is not flattering (but the shoes are great...hers not his, those are awful), and something is just a little off. B-

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