August 18, 2010

Local ahead of his time

Wills Combes stands on his toes to reach an ingredient in a cabinet while cooking in his family’s kitchen. Wills is just 11, but he knows his way around the kitchen. Winston-Salem Journal Photo by Lauren Carrol  

Kid Chef: 11-year-old foodie had rather eat healthy fare - and prepare it, too

YJDKIY thought this was an interesting article in the paper today, until I got to this paragraph:

Wills doesn't eat much red meat. He will eat chicken occasionally. "He tried being vegetarian for a while, and he just about drove me crazy," Melissa Combes said. "Finally, his acupuncturist told him that as long as animals were treated humanely, it was OK to take them out of the life cycle."

An 11 year old has an acupuncturist? That poor child is never going to survive high school.

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