August 28, 2010

Local creepy crawlies

So, first on Friday morning, YJDKIY got an email containing this language:

Extra precautionary measures were taken through the use of specially trained
canine units. A limited number of contaminated areas were discovered to have
a light infestation.

Of what you ask? Oh, just these little guys that seem to be all over the news lately. 

Then, last night, while peacefully drifting off to sleep, I was dive bombed by some kind of flying buzzer bug who remains to be located. I might have slept with the sheet tucked over my head...tightly.

And then finally, upon waking, I was greeted with this at the front door. 

A common garden, or writing, spider, who almost met her end thanks to some Saturday morning door knockers, but was thankfully spared at the last minute.

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