August 2, 2010

Local Roundup

For North Carolina readers, if you haven't heard of the 10% campaign to spend 10% of your existing food dollars on local food, go here immediately and sign up.  At Casa YJDKIY, we spend about 15-20% on local food, I think, between the farmer's market and local produce carried in HT. That number is in serious jeopardy for winter months though, I'm afraid.

For all readers, don't ask me how I stumbled upon this, but I couldn't resist sharing:

Yes, that is my very own local 'who ya gonna call'! It doesn't surprise me this exists, Salisbury is a quirky town with lots of odd history. What amuses me is the list of investigations (be sure to view the audio/video files)! And, just for the record, I totally believe the Wrenn House one! Dinner there gave me the willies and was entirely creepy for many reasons...some readers may recall! ;)

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