September 1, 2010

Wag More

The Canine Component loves outdoor dining in Fall and Winter! She's very inconspicuous about it!
Published: September 1, 2010
Pet owners across North Carolina don't have to worry about doggy bags anymore. They now can take their furry friends to join them at some of the state's outdoor restaurants.
A new public health rule that took effect Wednesday gives food service establishments the option to permit dogs and cats in outdoor dining areas. Those pets must be restrained, can't come into contact with food or food preparers and can't come inside.
A state panel last month signed off on the rule designed to make clear the presence of cats and dogs won't lower a restaurant's health inspection grade.
The previous rule only allowed patrol dogs and service animals, but it wasn't always interpreted that way.
The updated rule got approved after many restaurants and bars began advertising "pet-friendly" patios.

The comment section amuses YJDKIY.  A few choice snippets:

Would you like fleas with that?

I'll take well-behaved dogs any day over uncontrolled toddlers. Isn't it so appetizing to see a parent change a diaper right on his or her chair!  

That is insane, you mean someone can bring a dog to a place where people eat but I can't smoke a cigarette.

Personally I would never eat at a place that allowed cats. They are filthy creatures.  

What kind of complex do people have that they have to take their danged pets with them out to eat. I want to take my 18 foot long Anaconda out to eat -a dog 

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