October 9, 2010

Local Lunch Fare

YJDKIY and Co. had a rare weekday lunch opportunity for local dining. Sweet Meadow Cafe is only open for lunch during the weekdays, and dinner on Friday & Saturday.

It's right off Main St. and Inness and is one of the quaintest places I've been in a while. From the colorful walls, local art, and old fashioned ceiling it looked like something out of Fried Green Tomatoes. In fact, excuse my inconspicuous photography, but the rest of the patrons looked like old Southern lawyers frequenting their local lunch spot.

YJDKIY actually prefers to eat lunch out than dinner, so this Pesto Turkey on ciabatta roll hit the spot. The server was so friendly and tried really hard to sell us on dessert. Alas. One note, you might choose a less local establishment if you're in a hurry. Things just move slower here.

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