October 30, 2010

Miss Truvy, I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair

Tonight, it felt like fall. It was chilly inside and out. Naturally, that meant busting out something...frozen?

Only once before has the gooey deliciousness that is Brunswick Stew crossed YJDKIY's lips. But this time, this time, it was storybook. Utterly Southern. The stuff Steel Magnolias and Driving Miss Daisy are made of.

Made by the Methodist Men of Rosemary UMC in one of the most Southernest/Eastern NC towns I know (to be fair, I make a point to not know many of those!).

Only after finding that page, did we know that the mystery meat was chicken, not pork, as it tastes! In fact, according to wiki, there isn't a set recipe for Brunswick Stew.

Brunswick stew is a traditional dish from the southeastern United States. The origin of the dish is uncertain, and there are two competing claims as to the place in the South where it originated. Recipes for Brunswick stew vary greatly but it is usually a tomato-based stew containing various types of lima beans/butter beans, corn, okra, and other vegetables, and one or more types of meat. Most recipes claiming authenticity call for squirrel or rabbit meat, but chicken, pork, and beef are also common ingredients. Some versions have a distinctly smoky taste. The stew essentially resembles a very thick vegetable soup with meat. The key distinguishing factor between soup and Brunswick stew is the consistency. Brunswick stew must be thick; otherwise, it would be vegetable soup with meat added. Most variations have more meat and vegetables than liquid.

And to conclude, enjoy this read from the NYT, as it depicts exactly the ingredients, both food and otherwise, I taste in each bite!

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  1. great day on yjdkiy! Thanks! enjoyed the stew article too ~ a good read.



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