October 6, 2010

New Keeper

Based on Hungry Girl's Cheesy Butternut Bake, I started with the following:

 YJDKIY doesn't eat grapefruit, but I love my grapefruit spoons for things such as this!

(and promptly forgot just how long it takes to prepare a *Farmer's Market* butternut!).

After dicing it all up and adding some *Farmer's Market* (hello, where were these all season?) green onions, I mixed in the 2 wedges (3 or 4 would have been better), some egg white, bread crumbs, (last minute added) soy milk, ground pepper, and a lot of parmesan. I still wanted it a little more cheesey, but I guess that defeats the healthy part (so do the breadcrumbs and parm!).

Baked for 30 minutes at 375 and broiled for 3 minutes on 500!

Afterthought: I purposefully didn't add any salt thinking the parm would cover it...wrong! This butternut was superduper sweet and it need the tiniest shake of garlic salt for serving. Who knew?

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