October 15, 2010


With the Monday holiday and evening events three nights this week, YJDKIY is all cattywompus. I forgot to get green beans. And, I 20 minutes to make and eat dinner. And, I needed some veggies stat. YJDKIY was in a pinch!

Enter Mrs. T's pierogies, sauted with sweet onion over a bed of wilted baby spinach and topped with a dash of balsamic dressing.

(Two things about that site: 1. I love that Mrs. T owns the market and her address is just simply, pierogies.com 2.Who knew National Pierogy Day was October 8?!).

Are you wondering what I'm wondering? Who is this illustrious Mrs. T? Well, for you lazy clickers, her name is Mary Twardzik, and it was her original pierogy recipe that launched this successful business back in 1952.

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