November 15, 2010


YJDKIY just got 100x better! For certain celebrations that happen this month I have acquired a sneakily purchased and arranged and packaged upgrade in the form of this!

Perfect timing to try my own version of Bites and Bowl's veggie rolls. 

I'd seen these Nasoya Egg Roll wraps for a couple of weeks, but loathed the idea of deep frying. When I saw they could be baked, I jumped right in! 

This is proof there are veggies in the meal!

Sauted all together with a little low sodium soy sauce (lighter next time!).

Meanwhile, I set up a wrapping station, with garlic EVOO to seal it in and make it crispy (lighter next time!).

Thankfully there were directions.

Baked for about 20 minutes on 375 and then finished with a broil on each side, until visibly crispy. 

Warning: those little suckers hold in heat like nobody's business. This is me trying to get the piping steam!

Served with brown rice on the side and sweet & sour sauce (note, cheaper /= gooder in this case. I think I like duck sauce better anyway). This was a fun experiment, but I foresee a growling tummy in a few hours! They would be really fun to make as appetizers for a party though. It is also a great way to satisfy a Chinese food craving without succumbing to MSG-and-who-knows-whatelse restaurant food.


  1. woo hoo, look at the steam coming off that stir fry pan. Nice shot! Yummy rolls.

  2. Incredibly clear photos!!



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