December 14, 2010

Local New Adventure

YJDKIY is branching out! Courtesy of our very own Salisbury Post, I have a new blog for all the world to see! Emily's Green Kitchen will cover a lot of the stuff you see here, plus I have a few tricks up my sleeve for blog baby #2. Check it out and share it with the world!

And, what better occasion, than on the evening of my healthy living blog debut to have this for dinner.

I'm not proud of it, but this is what fast food on The Ave looks like. At first glance, you thought you were on the wrong blog right? But wait! It's not as bad as it looks, and it was ready in 20 minutes.

1. Annie's Homegrown Organic Whole Grain White Cheddar Mac & Cheese
(one of my go to brands for quick, healthy meals!)
        1.5 Ketchup....let's not go there!

2. Birds Eye Steamfresh Baby Broccoli Blend
(note, no sauce!)

3. Trader Joe's Breaded Cod
(half a serving is plenty, plus its just not that bad compared to its kin, and Pacific Cod from Alaska is on the best choice list)

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