December 31, 2010

NY food

I think YJDKIY forgot how to blog! To break back into it, here is a recap of my favorite food stops over the holiday. YJDKIY in the City. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

First up, Cassis, a cute French bistro on the Upper West Side. See that table at the back (if you click the link)? We dined there and while most of the table feasted on mussels and pate, I had Saumon au vin Rouge. Salmon with roasted carrots, potatoes and English peas in a red wine reduction There wasn't room for dessert, sadly.

What there was room for the next day: CARBS! The Rockland Bakery bakery just outside of Nyack, NY!

First of all, it was jam packed the day before Christmas, so excuse the lousy photography.

Second, I was distracted by the thousands of bread types just calling to be snatched up.

Bagels right off the belt and into the oven. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat a cold, hard NC bagel again.

I did find it a little gross that all those people were standing in line breathing on the bread. But when bagels started falling from Heaven onto our heads (literally! falling out of the sky! not kidding!), I called it a wash and ate another one!

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