December 5, 2010

Winter Harvest #3

Whoops! What with the snow and a whole day in the city, YJDKIY didn't get a picture of our Winter Harvest basket this week.

Apples and Tender Greens from Cress Farms, Leafy Head Lettuce and Spicy Greens from Laughing Owl Farms, Sweet Potatoes and Watermelon Radishes from Poplin Farms, Organic Soft White Wheat from Hoffner Farms, and Lemon Breakfast Rolls from How Sweet It Is!

This was an especially interesting basket, as in the making of it I got to meet a spotted great dane that was totally deaf, drive about 120 miles in Rowan, Cabarrus, and Stanly counties, see some 2 week old baby pigs, and stare face to (in the car) face with sheep and a sheep dog. All this, and I visited three farms that supply our food. Whew!

A few pics I did snap...

Hopefully a few more to come as this list turns into meals this week! As a side note, I can't wait to use the flour...and learn more about this farm. Here is their story, from Organic Valley.

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