February 14, 2011

Grammy {Fashion} Wrapup

As per usual, didn't watch even just a second of these. Maybe because I don't know or like 98% of the artists. Does that make me old? 

I was happy to hear local band, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, whom I had the pleasure of meeting 1/3 of a few years ago, won for Best Traditional Folk Album. And now on with my show!

Selma Blair looks adorable. This is a perfect preggo dress! A

Why was Snooki there? This actually suits her and is rather tasteful, comparatively so. B

no comment

Kelly Osborne actually does this froofy number pretty well, but I've said it once and I'll say it again, enough with the blonde. A-

Vampire Weekend looks like they were finishing up a weekend in middle management of an insurance agency. C'mon guys! C-

Rumpled hair is not working for Mr. Morrison. Is he trying to be one of his students? Get it together! D+

Selena Gomez is nearly perfect in gold, which was apparently the IT color of the night. A

I wouldn't have known that was John Mayer if I saw him on the street. F

This dress couldn't have more wrong with it, sorry Jennifer Hudson, but you do look pretty.  C-

She never gets it right...bad hair, bad dress, bad cut, bad shoes. D

I wonder how many red carpets Nicole Kidman has walked? After a while you have to wear things like this and it actually suits her despite being a little weird. That's two in a row...has she hired a new stylist? B+
J Lo's a little old to be wearing a dress that short, but she's looking very ahem, Aerosmith influenced! C

Miley is always appropriately trashy. C-

LEA! What the heck happened? You are almost always top of the class but then you go and do this? The wings, the hair, the slit, the shoes, even that goofy smile...do not make this mistake again. F

This dress on Rhianna, which is clearly (pun intended) an F could have been redeemed a little with the right hair and make up, but she didn't do that either. F

F is for Family? I'm not sure which smith is a bigger disaster.

Katy Perry's costume. I don't know what to say. At least she looks pretty C-

I love Heidi Klum's hair, but she's had one too many kids to be wearing this. She obvi lost all the baby weight (if she ever had it), but she needs some muscles or something. C-

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