February 22, 2011


With the warm weather this weekend, YJDKIY packed everyone up and headed to Eagle Point Nature Preserve. The property, on High Rock Lake, is in part, made possible by Alcoa, a company we read about in the paper that very morning.

Despite the one of the most uninformative maps ever (hello, trail length? scale? nothing!), we set out to find the lake, some eagles, or something fun. 
 The trail was well cleared and well marked. 
Including the oddest plant specimens. (click the picture to enlarge and read)
Someone was feeling extremely playful. 
Snack time! Wonder if it was whoever lived in here. 
We got closer to the "lake" but the water was missing! 
Like a bizarre moonland or something. Apparently, this is normal though, for winter. Nothing high about this lake, but there were lots of rocks. 
Someone even ate one. 
We set back on the trail and found some not so naturey preserves. 
I guess low tide is a good time to collect trash out of the water...which apparently was well needed. 
Despite the wearing of shortsleeves and sunglasses, there was nothing springy about this woods. 
And no eagles either. 
Just mongrels. I have no idea how far we walked, but we did all the loops, so I'm guessing 3-4 miles. This might be cooler in the spring if the water is up, but otherwise, I think once was enough!

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