May 18, 2011

Foodie Games

As YJDKIY was perusing the eVic (translation local grocery store weekly circular in email format) for the week, I noticed that only one item made it into my basket that wasn't a fruit or vegetable. This prompted a round of a fun foodie game: I Can't Believe I Used to Eat That (ICBIUET!). Whether from college days years ago or only recently purged, here are a few of my especially gawky ones:

American Cheese (how fitting is it that we call the most processed gross cheese AMERICAN cheese?)
Instant Noodle Meals


Toaster Strudel...seriously!?

Pizza Rolls


 Aunt Jemima
Microwave Popcorn
Pre-packaged Deli Meat (actually, any kind from the store)

  What things have you drawn the line on?

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