June 12, 2011

Grill Baby Grill

Grilled meals are so easy...and 99% local (don't think Rowan County produces much olive oil, kosher salt, or Worcestershire sauce). Potatoes & Onions (I have more of these than I know what to do with!).

Potato skins are a hard one for me. The skin is notoriously rich in nutrients and fiber (although I couldn't really find much concrete evidence on this, everyone seems to just assume it as fact). However, I think the skin absorbs toxins and chemicals in the dirt or used in mass conventional farming. In this particular case, I chose to leave them on, since I know the farmer that pulled them from the dirt in his own backyard (and his thoughts on sustainable farming and soil & water conservation). I did wash them extensively in warm water, rubbing off the thin skin in many places.

Moving on, these round zucchinis (perhaps also called globe squash) are palm-sized and tasty!

They slice up nice to fit on a grill, but WHY oh WHY did I not think to stuff them? I love stuffing things and these would be perfect. On the list for next week!

And last, Domisty Menius talked me into two chicken breasts from their farm (more on their MPU here because I couldn't stand to photograph raw chicken - in fact, I had to make the other cooker prepare it!). Everything was shake 'n' bake style! Potato-Onions got EVOO, kosher salt & pepper.

Zuchs got EVOO, pepper, garlic powder, and oregano. And chicken got Worcestershire.

Grilled by the other cooker to perfection!

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