June 14, 2011

H20h My!

As I've repeatedly complained lately, it's been hot! Like dog-days of August at 3 p.m. in Georgia hot (sorry, no offense Georgia). As such, the 32 oz water bottle I couldn't quite finish in the middle of winter just doesn't cut it with those temps and I find it much easier to consume my RDA of water.

While I'm looking for other ideas for water, what I don't understand is how all these other people are guzzling soda or beer or even Gatorade given these conditions. I also hear people say 'I don't like water' and promptly watch my jaw hit the floor. How can you not like water? Here are a five alternatives if you happen to be one of those crazy people. :P

1. Fruit-infused
Flavored waters are popular, but many still contain lots of sugar and additives. The fact is, you can get the same refreshing taste by dropping in your own berries, apples, or citrus (everyone knows about lemon & lime, but try an orange slice!), or melon.

2. Herb spiked
It's not quite a mojito (mmm, I'll take one of those though!), but rubbing a few mint leaves together and dropping in a pitcher of water is like chewing-gum fresh breath + hydration. How could you beat that? Another idea: fresh basil or cilantro.

3. Vegetable-infused
Yes, the crunchy green things you load up with ranch dressing can go in your water. Try cucumber first, its light and green-flavored and complements the water nicely. Celery also works.

4. Herbal or Green Teas (no sweetener!)
Black Cherry Berry, Country Peach Passion, Cranberry Apple Zinger, Mint Magic, Red Zinger, Tropic of Strawberry....Celestial Seasonings tea offers numerous flavors, and a little goes a long way. Just a hint of flavor will spice up your water bottle. Green teas (though they do contain caffeine, so look for the naturally decaffeinated if that is important to you) come in a variety of flavors, as well.

5. Jeltzer
Huh? A splash of fruit juice (since they typically contain a LOT of sugar and a little juice) in plain seltzer water is the most healthy soda choice out there. You'll still get the fizz without all the fuss of off-the-shelf sodas.

Bonus: Kitchen toys to make this infusing more fun!

1. The CB Water Infuser Ball - seriously, it even says culinary refreshment in the description and it is only $4

2. The Fruit Infusion Pitcher - $20 gives you a tasty refresher for the fridge

3. The People's Iced Tea Pitcher - a bit of a spluge at $50, but it lasts forever whereas your 50 bottles of soda will be gone gone gone

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