July 8, 2011

Blast Off!

While YJDKIY is fixing to blast off on a couple of summer vacations, a few people were blasting off to their own intergalactic summer vacay today.

I have no idea why "the end of America's space age," as one reporter called it, makes me slightly sentimental, but it does.

So I watched the final launch of Atlantis and remembered watching it on an old remote-less, 900lb television set back in the 80s.

And watching it in my elementary school classrooms.

And the snow day in January of 1986 when I just happened to be home and able to watch.

Probably the first national event that I remember "exactly where I was."

You might say me and the shuttle are of the same generation.

Heck, I even had an astronaut Cabbage Patch Doll named Anita. She had a cool helmet and looked just like this.

(and might I add, $89?! I have a jackpot in the attic! Obviously this photo was pre-1986 and only half the collection, that's Amber, Jennifer, Ashley, and Dickey, who was visiting from Roanoke Rapids!).

But today, today I watched a live feed from CNN.com. No cables, no cathode ray, no commercials. I find it pretty cool that while a space shuttle, whose basic design is 30 years old is still being propelled into space, the technology here on the ground has changed so drastically.

Wonder what the next 30 years will look like?

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