July 31, 2011

Weird things...

...from the aisles of Ocean State Job Lot. I love this place for a good bargain! Once a year I get to hit it up for some tasty, super discounted goodies. Last year, I scored tons of Bob's Red Mill for $2. This year, in order to spend the week here (no photoshopping of that true blue sky involved, straightup iPhone!):

we had to fly the friendly (but annoyingly delayed...did you see my tweets?) skies to get there. [insert my rant about US Airways first checked bag fee and delays] So there, was sadly no room to return home with $2 whole grains and $3 agave. I wouldn't want you to miss out on the fun that was had though, with these finds from the shelves.

Do you even know what sprats are? I don't and that picture on the box isn't helping.

Oh, creepy eyeball looking onions. In a jar?

And who is Maria and how did they get her in a box? At least she is original and natural.

Again with the jarred...roasted eggplant, really? I can't imagine how you would ever use this.

Everyone's favorite flavor: Meat. Not actual meat, meat flavor. Nom.

And while we're on imitation things...vegetables flakes? Wonder how many you'd have to eat to get a servings worth? Guarantee some idjit thinks this counts as healthy.

And finally, another thing I had to look up: Quince. There you have it.
Until next year, OSJL, I remain yours truly. 


Sidestory just for fun. One day last year at work, the Museum staff was doing a touchy-feely exercise with the art (not actually touching it, that's illegal), but looking at different paintings and then we were asked to write on a slip of paper a 2-3 word response. For this painting:

I wrote "Ocean State!" Boy did that confuse people. Do you have any idea why? Here this might help.

William M. Harnett (1848-1892), Job Lot Cheap, 1878, oil on canvas, 18 x 36", original purchase fund from the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation,
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, ARCA Foundation, and Anne Cannon Forsyth, 1966.2.10

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