October 22, 2011

It's all small stuff

YJDKIY doesn't really aim to turn this into Style Me Pretty, but I did want to share a few details from the most expensive 48 hours of my life. Kidding! (sort of). It was possibly the most scrutinized 48 hours of my life, so it deserves some blog love. Lucky for you, I'll try to space it out between (annoyingly less frequent) regular posts.

In planning the small stuff, I spent a lot of time on Etsy (and somehow managed to refrain from favoriting wedding items, therefor displaying them on the right over there!). One of the first things I loved and purchased was a detail perhaps no one but YJDKIY would see:

Custom cake forks commemorating the day. These came from WoodenHive and arrived just a few days after placing the order. Love personal service!

Who knows if anyone else noticed, but for a foodie, this is a perfect "keepsake" of the day. A little tease from the main event:

We also had an adorable cake plate for the first slice from a special family member that traveled from Florida to celebrate with us. But, now that the festivities are done, I am debating their future. Option A: use the forks for a special treat on each anniversary. Option B: frame the forks in a shadowbox for kitchen art (like this) so I can see them every day. What's your vote?

Next up: the tasty confection we put those forks into!

1 comment:

  1. I think using them on every special event would be good.



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