November 8, 2011

Sad State of Affairs

1. At 5:20 pm, yesterday, Nov. 8 (!) , I was the 225th voter in my precinct. That is almost 12 hours after the polls opened this morning and only 224 people made it there before me? Granted it is just a local election, but if you think about it, the City Council vote probably has more direct impact on your daily life than any national or state election. And if you multiply that out, that means like 1000 people will elect 5 people, including the mayor.

2. The Canine Component was horribly embarrassed, but is totally rocking her (coupla months late) back to school look. Since she turns 7 next month, she's old enough to carry her own loot, yes?

3. Due to an unfortunate encounter with an IKEA SLOM and untimely appointments, I've had to resort to frozen dinner and lunch. I honestly cannot tell you the last time I stuck one of these in the microwave. It might have been 2 years ago. But, it turns out you do in fact need your left thumb to peel vegetables and you know, cook. So, until these three stitches are removed and my left hand can get wet again, don't expect much. PS: Donations of sympathy and dinner cooking are being accepted. PPS: Be glad I spared you the photo without the bandage!

(note both are organic, and the most healthy frozen item I could find! that counts for somethin right?)

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