November 23, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: Like it's 1991

Isn't it funny how things get stuck in your head? I called this Wacky Wednesday for a reason, so I won't go into lengthy detail. But, what started with an innocent little SNL skit (not nearly as cool as REALLY!?!) has resulted in a trip down memory lanjavascript:;e to 1991, also known as Junior High for YJDKIY.

It was pretty amusing to watch these videos for fashion and culture. Plus, I had all these singles on cassette tapes. (which, when you think about it was sort of like the 1990s version of iTunes - it was much more efficient to just buy the songs you liked rather than the whole album...which, were they albums or CDs at that point?)

It's also interesting that this was going on at the same time, too.

Although grunge had earlier origins than new jack swing, it wasn't until 1993-94 that we all started wearing flannel shirts and Doc Martens and one of my all-time favorite recordings was done: Nirvana on MTV Unplugged. That is still one of the handful of classic "albums" worthy of purchasing the entire thing in my book. Watch it on Netflix.

Check out the MTV Yearbooks for your own walk down musical memory lane. 1991 1994
(but it's a dead end at 1981!)

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  1. I'm liking the music vids. ESP nirvana unplugged. and, they are all about a girl! ;-) Thanks for posting.



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