December 7, 2011

Top 11 Ornaments of 2011

For some reason, YJDKIY hasn't been big on the food posts this week. In place though, please find a holiday countdown sure to have your PayPal accounts dwindling*!

Top 11 Fantastic Ornaments of 2011 from Etsy**


Surly Girl Crafts: Recycled Bike Chain Star

 TheOffbeatBear: Terrified Gingerbread Man
SweetBabyJs: Elvis
tomtaggart: Hand Painted Mermaid
boxhounds: Surfer Girl LEGO

Note that all images are from the seller's linked pages, these are not my photos, nor do I claim ownership or credit for them.

*after reading this list, hopefully you will have detected my sarcasisity***.

**I heart Etsy, there is fantastic stuff out there and this post is all in the name of fun. and taste. because there is no accounting for it. Just think of it as exposure to culture.

***scarcasisity is a YJDKIY special word of the day. go on, look it up.

YJDKIY Christmas 2010 with my actual ornaments

YJDKIY 12 Days of Christmas 2009 Special

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