January 3, 2012

Late Start

The menus are a bit late this week, but since I'm still trying to remember what 6 am looks like (oh, I will miss you 10 pm, perhaps we can meet again soon), back to work week has the schedule all off. Mainly this was because I procrastinated food shopping until Monday, which actually turned out to be the smartest thing I've done all 2012. Mid-day, mid-week shopping changed my cooking life. 

MONDAY: Gnocchi with Chard & Beets - wild mushroom & sage olive oil
TUESDAYNature Burger, carrot sticks
WEDNESDAY: Butternut Quiche with Sausage & Chard
THURSDAY: Primavera with Salmon & Penne
FRIDAY: BBQ Chickpea, Carmelized Onions, Spinach & Gouda Pizza
SATURDAY: Crock Pot Curried Lentils with Sweet Potatoes & Kale

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