February 2, 2012


Punky may have declared six more weeks of Winter, but given the absence of Winter thus far, I've moved on. If it's not going to snow, time to bring on Spring and Spring clothes! Did I mention how many Winter clothes are just hanging in my closet dying for some love?

Navy and Kelly Green are my official color choice (despite not really owning ANY) for this weird season I'm now calling Sprinter. Maybe a pop of red, yellow, pink, or orange to go with.

Here's hoping June, July, and August aren't equally record setting!

Housekeeping PS: We're two days in to the #febphotoaday challenge. You can follow mine over there on the right side bar, and check out others by searching #febphotoaday on Twitter. I'm thinking a weekly recap will happen on Sunday, so get excited about that!?

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