June 23, 2012

The New Look

No, YDKIY is not talking about Dior. I'm talking about Salisbury's new and improved recycling program. (Clicky to read about it in The Post)

As I was driving home one day this week, the street was lined with beautiful blue and green 96 gallon rolling recycling cart. Goodbye flimsy old tiny blue bin.  No more soggy newspapers and tin cans spilling out.

These carts are HUGE and even put the garbage carts to shame. More importantly though, there is now even less room for excuses when it comes to reducing your waste.

The new program allows you to just dump all things listed on the handy fridge magnet into the and roll it to the curb. No need to sort or for that matter wonder if your plastic, cardboard, or paper can go in there. ALL SEVEN TYPES OF PLASTIC (even hard plastic toys!!), JUICE & MILK CARTONS, GLASS JARS CAN NOW BE RECYCLED!

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