February 25, 2013

I did not watch one second

of the Oscars or the red carpet. But YJDKIY sure does like to look at pretty dresses!

I liked the top of this, and then the middle, and then the bottom. All together though? D

JLaw is about as neutral as she could be, aside from looking like a wedding dress! B
I think Amanda Seyfried forgot she wasn't on the Big Love set anymore.
Everyone raved about this dress but I dont love it. Not very Washingtony! C

Impersonating the Oscar behind her? Love the hair and jewelry, but that color is well, not one, and that neck line  is, well, too much of one. Looks like a hybrid high school prom slash bridesmaid gown.

I usually adore Amy Adams, but if your dress doesn't fit in the frame of a photo, there is a problem. C+

It's like the Disney Goth Princess version of the first dress, but somehow, someway it is working for her. B

Love the color, love the cut, love the jewelry.  Classy. Ben won more than just best picture! A+

Another one that people raved about and I hate. Solid Gold anyone?

You are Sally Field so I must refrain from saying anything because I can't say anything nice. Maybe you should come sit by me. 

Reese Witherspoon looks terribly uncomfortable and I don't really get the color choice, but sure, B+. 

Rachel is looking a little dated. Haven't we seen this dress on someone and WHY do they insist on wearing red with that carpet! Plus I think she is looking a little botoxy. Combined with a lack of effort in the hair, her ratio of possibility to actuality results in C. 

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