April 14, 2013

Pin Peeves | 7 Tips for Pinterest

Not a typo!

I've been on Pinterest since early 2011...not exactly an innovator, but a little ahead of the curve. In that time, I've racked up a lot of pins, and scrolled through even more. With the quick success and wide adoption of the social image-sharing platform, has come a lot of, well, junk. In my quest to share technology and cheer, here are a few pet peeves tips to keep in mind.

1. Check the original source.
There's nothing more disappointing than finding *exactlywhatyou'relookingfor* only to have the link not work. Or work but take you to spam. 

2. Skip the long mega-images.
Those pins with the images that take up the whole scroll, you know the ones I mean? They're the annoying jabbermouth in your 7th grade homeroom who demands 'all me, all the time.' 

3. 500 characters is still too much.
What makes Pinterest such a great tool is the visual bookmark function. Key word being bookmark. You want to credit the source, not rip off their image by posting the entire recipe/workout/tutorial so the next person doesn't have to click. It may seem convenient, but it's rude. 

4. Use your secret boards.
Everything you pin is public knowledge unless you put it in one of your three secret boards. Shouldn't need to elaborate on that, except to remind you I don't need to know you're interested in '15 Tips to Save Your Marriage' or 'Foods to Cure IBS'. They're there for a reason, thanks Pinterest gods. 

5. If you re-pin something with a hashtag (#) or account tag (@), consider if you really want to include that info.
Chances are, you don't know the person who originally pinned the @ tag, and therefor do not know the person tagged. And, since this isn't Twitter, I doubt you'll really use that hashtag. See, doesn't make sense does it? The takeaway from this point is really...edit your text before pinning so it makes sense to you. 

6. Do not include 'pin now read later' or 'another pinner says' in the description
Right up there with 'RT if you love...' or 'Like this post if...' Pinterest isn't the boss of me, so please don't tell me what to do, it just makes you sound dumb for falling for someone's marketing trick. 

7. Set your board cover images
On your board page, hover over the top image, click change cover. Make it pretty. While you're at it, you can drag and drop the board to order them. 

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