May 15, 2013

Pass the Pimentos Please

In college, pimento cheese held a special place in my menu quirks. I didn’t dine on it frequently, but I when I did…a nice spread, two slices of bread, and FRITOS! That’s right, I put chips on my sandwich. So delicious that gooey crunchy concoction was. The unfortunate thing, of course, that isn’t especially healthy.

Fast forward a few, or twelve, years and I’ve grown up a bit, and decided to give those eats a makeover. It turned out perfect, not quite as slimy or fatty, but I also didn’t feel guilty enjoying the cheesy goodness!

8 oz sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese, grated
4-6 oz plain Greek yogurt (depending on desired creaminess)
¼ c jarred pimentos (to taste)
2-3 T sweet pickle juice (to taste)
dash of freshly ground black pepper

Mix it all up, chill, serve on melba toasties, crackers, or as a grilled sandwich with lettuce for the crunch (instead of fritos!). 

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